"The 7 Shores" the souvenir of Ferrara hand made for you!

Bored of “souvenir d’Italie” made in China ? You visited the City and you didn’t find the right gift for your best friend ? Are you looking for something handmade ? and¬†especially handmade in Ferrara ? Do you like the idea of a customized gift ? made just for you ? a truly unique ? The 7 sands Ferrara souvenir offers you all that, at the same time!
The small frame
Small and big size
Detail of the 7 shores

The 7 Sands is the perfect gift for all those who want to surprise their friends with really unique gift idea. Inside a wooden frame the map of the portion of the Adriatic Sea coast which is overlooked by the seven Ferrara beaches. In correspondance of each one of them a transparent rubber tube containing the seven decorative sands in different shades of color. In the right bottom corner the hand made dedication with the name of the gift receiver. The 7 Shores is available in 2 different formats:
  • Small: 205 x 155 mm.
  • Large 260 x 200 mm.
Important Note: since every single piece is hand made, there is not any stock avilable. If you are interested to get it, please book it before your arrival, so that we can realize it on time. Discount coupon available for all subscribers of the Youtube channel “Travellers2Travellers”
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