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Why Ferrara?

If you are travelling in North East of Italy don’t miss the City.

Whatever is the purpose of your trip you will enjoy the city

Ferrara is a splendid city of art, to be enjoyed by walking its streets, its character – this magnificent Renaissance capital – revealed on every corner. Through its glorious past, you can understand the roots of its present. In addition it’s a peaceful city to wander on foot or by bike, every step re-living the magical atmospheres of the past. Therefore you shouldn’t leave without having walked around the atmospheric mediaeval streets. In addition you can take a bike ride round its Renaissance city walls, which remain nearly complete. The city walls are the locals’ preferred ‘park’ for jogging: as a result you can run along an almost uninterrupted 9 km of earthwork between the green of the lime and plane trees and the red brick of the wall. For those who prefer cycling, the best is the circuit around the bottom of the walls. Finally it this can be extended onto the “Destra Po” cycle track by crossing the Urban Park to the north of the city.


One of the most important centers of Middle Ages. So don't miss it.


Probably the best unknown Emilia Romagna cuisine. So discover it!


National park and birdwatcher paradise. So, visit it and escape to his magic atmosphere.


Located at just 30 minutes from the city center. So take some time and check the 7 shores on the Adriatic sea.

Discover the City

Our advices for you next visit to Ferrara



Este family ruled Ferrara between 1100 and 1400. At that time Ferrara was probably one of the most important cities all over Europe.



Located in between Venice and Florence. So, if you are planning a trip in that area don’t miss a stop in Ferrara’s magical atmosfere.


An amazing series of very interesting places is easily reachable from Ferrara in a few minutes. Therefore just check them out !!


Although not very well known, the Ferrara food specialties are rare delicacies for lovers of fine italian food at his highest level.


During the whole month of May.

The Ferrara’s Palio is the oldest in the World !! A month during which the nine Contrades challenge each other in celebrations, parades, flag-throwing competitions and a spectacular horse race in Piazza Ariostea.

In May
1000 miglia: the most famous classic car race in the world. The City of Ferrara is one of the historical stages of the 1000 miles from the very beginning of this “race” between vintage cars, crossing Italy from Brescia to Rome and return.
In September.
“Ferrara Balloons Festival” is the most important festival of balloons in Italy and one of the most prestigious in Europe. The Baloons are taking off from “Parco Urbano” and landing in a safe and flat spot.
Ferrara's Palio


The Ferrara Buskers Festival is a phenomenon in which originality and dimension have managed to attract the interest of scholars from different disciplines. Therefore partecipate is like exploring its significance from an artistic, socio-economic, touristic and organisational point of view

June and July

Born in 1996 Ferrara Sotto le Stelle presents every year in the beautiful setting of Piazza Castello, a full calendar of important events in the heart of the city. Contemporary and independent music. Classic rock, Rock, Indie Rock, New Italian Rock an more…

From October to April

The “Teatro Nuovo” offers top quality performances in numerous and different forms of art: from prose to classical music, from dance to opera in a wide time window from October to April. Therefore for more than 50% of the Year a night at the Theater is an option.