Lidi Estensi (Seven Beaches)

In approx one hour by car from Ferrara on the RA8 there are the famous 7 Beaches of Ferrara ( Lidi Estensi ) also known as “Lidi di Comacchio”. Developing on approx. 20 kms., all of them have fine, golden sand facing a calm shallow sea. Therefore they are a perfect destination for family holidays. From North to South they are:
  1. Volano Beach Lido di Volano
  2. Nations Beach Lido delle Nazioni
  3. Pomposa Beach Lido di Pomposa
  4. Chess Beach Lido degli Scacchi
  5. Garibaldi Port Porto Garibaldi
  6. Este Beach Lido degli Estensi
  7. Spine Beach Lido di Spina
The most popular and crowded of the Seven “Lidi of Comacchio” is probably Lido degli estensi. In addition the sandy coastline is gentle and quiet, and the waters are clean. Among the sevenbeaches, Lido di Spina is the one with the younger audience thanks to numerous clubs, discos and beach clubs. Lido di Spina has a very particular urban and topographical structure, highly irregular. In fact there are very few roads that are maintained straight from beginning to end: this attribute has earned the epithet of “mangrove structure”
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