Ferrara - City for Cyclists
Ferrara – City for Cyclists

Bicycle City: Ferrara

Ferrara Cyclists City. Everybody in Ferrara is a cyclist. Cycling is for Ferrara a real symbol, a way of life almost. This one  is the “Italian city of bicycles”, where citizens use bicycles at the highest level in Europe. In 1991 the percentage was 30.7% At the same time it was 30% in Copenhagen and 27 , 8% in Holland. In 2000, a survey conducted by DataBank on a representative sample confirmed that 30.9% of Ferrara citizens continue to use the bicycle but the people of Ferrara cyclists is approximately 89.5% of its 135,000 inhabitants. At every access of the city you will see a sign that read “Ferrara Bicycle City” followed by the accession to the European reference network of bicycle friendly cities’ Cities for Cyclists “and the recognition of UNESCO World Heritage City. The most important choice for the development of the bike mobility is to close the center to motorized two-wheeled vehicles. This choice has made of Ferrara, a city with “unique center”, more available to cyclists and pedestrians. Without the presence of cars, thus effectively eliminating the traffic, the center has become more livable. This added value has then facilitated the widespread use of the bicycle for getting around town. If you are coming to Ferrara by car, the best option is to park the car and enjoy the City by walking or cycling in the ZTL (Limited Traffic Zone). The offer of parking places in the City Center is very limited, therefore it is easier to find a car park a bit out of the center. Anyway, there is a series of location from where you can leave the car and take a bike. Detailed info are available here: http://www.ferrarainbici.it/
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