Po River Delta – heritage site by UNESCO

The Po river Delta is where is the longest Italian river reach the Adriatic Sea. Po River Delta has been entered, in 1999, in the list of Italian heritage sites by UNESCO as an extension of the award given to the city of Ferrara in 1995. One of the most important wetland zones in Europe and the largest in Italy. Elements of biodiversity make of “The Po river delta” a paradise for naturalists, tourists and birdwatchers. Moreover at the extreme of the delta, where the sweet waters of the river meet the salty ones of the sea, it has formed the “Sacca di Goro“.

It is a large inlet where mussels and the tastiest clams are seeded and shipped every day to the rest of Italy and exported all over Europe.

In the delta there is also the “Love Island” – L’isola dell’amore. The island is so called because, in the first half of the century, the cultural puritanism imposed engaged couples to meet in places far away from prying eyes. What better place than an island accessible only by boat ?!

We warmly suggest to spend a day in visiting Po River Delta Park. The best way to visit the Po river Delta park is by boat. You can choose between several different boats which are offering very interesting journeys. For more detailed infos and rates please feel free to check the following links:

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Delta Lighthouse
Delta Lighthouse