Pomposa Abbey – Abbazia di Pomposa In Ferrara surrounding is present also Pomposa Abbey located in the municipality of Codigoro. It has been made is the ninth century and it is one of the most important of all Northern Italy. In less than one hour by car from Feerara you will reach Pomposa Abbey. From there, if you are viting the area in summer, don’t miss at just 15 minutes the Seven Shores on the Adriatic sea.

The “Insula Pomposiana” known in ancient times, was originally surrounded by water. Specifically by the river Po, the Po di Volano and the sea.


We have news of a Benedictine abbey, smaller than the current one, from the ninth century, but the settlement of the first monastic community “Insula Pomposiana” dates from the sixth-seventh century.

The first historical document attesting to the existence of the Abbey is in the ninth century. It has been mentioned in a letter from Pope John VIII sent to the Emperor Louis II.

Inside the church has three naves, divided by Roman and Byzantine columns. The precious marble floor in opus sectile comes from different periods (from the sixth to the twelfth century). Especially relevant monstrous animals, geometric patterns, plant and figurative elements represented on it.

Fourteenth-century frescoes on the walls of the Bolognese school. Stories of the Old Testament, the New Testament and the Apocalypse made respectively on the upper end, middle and lower level.
Pomposa Abbey
Pomposa Abbey
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